Mobile Solution
fixed solution smots
The smots™ Mobile Trolley was developed in consultation with clinicians to give a highly flexible solution where fixed cameras were inappropriate and ultimate mobility was required. With a solid, robust design it has been engineered to enable it to cope in a wide variety of situations and environments and is even capable of being safely transported across a hospital car park.

Typically two or three of these smots™ Mobile Trolley units will supplement the Fixed Installation in most facilities, but some centres can extend to 60 or more units.

Simply plug the trolley into a power source, connect to a network point (with the battery/wireless version there is no need to do this!) and instantly you are connected to the main Control Centre where video and two way audio communication can be controlled by the clinician whilst recording everything and all Images are in Real Time.

Record video, audio and vitals signs
unobtrusively for instant playback
and distribution

smots mobile
With a number of innovative features the smots™ Mobile Trolley can be fitted with Wireless Radio Microphones and optional Vital Signs / Auxiliary Inputs. Additionally, the camera is Automatically Height Adjustable and can Pan Tilt and Zoom Remotely. Capable of the Recording of all Video and Audio this information is then readily available for Instant Review. The trolley comes complete with a Detachable Microphone and a 10 Metre Extension.

With a host of simple and effective ways to inform and educate there is a Touch Screen PC option for Local Camera Monitor and Control this feature is ideally suited to watch adjacent theatres when surgeons are multi-tasking. Multiple Cameras can be viewed at once if they are connected to the smots™ System (standard trolley is a single camera unit).
smots mobile trolley
Record for instant playback
Robust, Flexible and Intuitive.