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Want to deliver targeted messages to specific locations at specific times but where the content can be changed easily? Then look no further than a Sedao digital signage system, sophisticated enough to combine multiple input feeds with easily changed content that can be adapted to the target audience.

Seado ImageFlyer Swep Touch Screen SWEP V SWEP NEC Designed specifically to be easy to learn and use, the Sedao proprietary software package works using a standard PC and is capable of integrating with LED, LCD, plasma displays and projected images and is as simple as child's play to achieve.

Sedao's simple uncomplicated software is one of it's greatest strengths meaning that within minutes anyone can put together a professional presentation.

Sedao's strongest selling point is its simplicity of use and execution. It can learned in minutes by anyone of any skillset.

Added to this ease of use and content flexibility is the bonus that it is a low cost software based investment. Full training, support and digital content provision services are available from a dedicated Scotia UK digital signage support team.

Digital Signage can transform an area from dead space to an information hub with very little time and specialist knowledge. Sedao is the simple effective solution you have been looking for.

Designed with the end user in mind.

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