The smots™ fixed camera solution will fit neatly to most ceilings, often using our semi permanent grid mounts which can allow for repositioning when required. The associated microphones and loudspeakers all connect to the smots™ SC701HD box at the ceiling and this then converts all the information to network traffic for distribution to viewing and control computers.

We normally suggest two or three cameras for a simulation theatre with an additional feed to take the Vital Signs information from the SimMan or iStan. The control room will usually have a laptop or dual screen desktop PC and if you wish we can put in an additional Patient Voice link for you.

sc737vsGiven all the benefits of the standard fixed system, the SC701HD VS offers an additional input (or inputs) for connection of the Vital Signs feed from a patient simulator, or for theatres, the direct video feed from the fixed system. We often connect to endoscopes or light cameras for live replay of operations to theatre audiences elsewhere.

We can now report the live log file from Laerdal Manikins directly into the smots(tm) vital signs view.
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