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Revolabs FLX

Revolabs Inc. delivers innovative wireless audio products for both enterprise collaboration applications and professional audio applications. Revolabs products are used throughout the world and across a wide range of industries and corporations including financial services, education, medical, legal, government, houses of worship and many more.

Revolabs Wireless Microphone Systems provide superior audio performance for video- and audio-conference calls, distance learning, webcasts, broadcasting, live sound, and other audio applications. The Revolabs products facilitate natural mobility by allowing participants to move around with no wires to worry about.

The Revolabs Wireless Microphones are wireless, secure, rechargeable, and flexible, and most are impervious to GSM noise. Revolabs MaxFlex technology allows the microphones to be interchangeable and seamless within the product lines. There is a Revolabs Wireless Microphone available for every application: wearable, omni and directional tabletop form-factors, as well as adapters for handheld or ear set microphones.

Revolabs has a Wireless Microphone Solution to dramatically improve the quality of the audio on your video-conferences. Revolabs offers two options that plug directly into video-conferencing stations and give the meeting participants flexibility to move around the room and still be heard! The choice depends on how many wireless microphones you need.

The Revolabs HD Single Channel System has an analog input and output, and the Revolabs HD Dual Channel and the HD Venue Systems have two of each, plus the ability to mix both outputs into one. The outputs can be set to line level for video-conferencing. All HD Wireless Microphones work with the HD Single and Dual Channel and HD Venue Systems and can be mix and matched, so you have your choice of wearable, tabletop, handheld or Countryman Earset microphones. The Revolabs HD Wireless Microphones can be placed up to 65 feet (20 metres) away from the Revolabs HD Single/Dual Channel or HD VenueSystem.
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