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Turning point Voting Systems

Voting Handsets TurningPoint is a voting system that helps make your presentations, lessons, and training sessions more engaging, more agile, and therefore more effective.

TurningPoint is designed to bring multiple choice interactivity to any number of platforms or environments. From primary and secondary schools, through to colleges and universities by way of commercial business and marketing scenarios.

TurningPoint allows participants to vote using handsets or mobile devices allowing for that information to be collated and interpreted. This becomes a vital tool for education allowing for teachers and lecturers to accurately assess how well the information is being assimilated and retained.


The uses for the system are endless not only in the field of education but also in the more driven commercial and leisure sector. From pub quizzes to boardroom meetings TurningPoint has a use.

The simplicity of the system using Microsoft powerpoint as a means of driving the questions and answers is one of its greatest features. Put simply if you can operate powerpoint you can easily operate TurningPoint.

For more information, advice and guidance on the best configuration of this product for you please contact one of our highly trained and experienced Business Consultants who will be happy to walk you through the various options and functions.

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