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Scotia UK is a long time leading consultant company focused on applications for the medical sector. Our areas of expertise are applications for AV solutions to provide audio and video connectivity from the operating room to labs, observation rooms and conference rooms, and help to facilitate education both inside and outside the operating room and hospital. AV systems typically include cameras, monitors, multi-media controllers, and image capture and annotation systems.

The company prides itself on the strength of its relationships with its professional healthcare customers, with whom its name is synonymous with high standards of performance, innovation and trust. The creation of state of the art facilities can enable medical students to see often complex procedures being carried out live through the use of interactive AV technology and Scotia have performed a number of literally live telemedicine events in recent years.

Through the use of latest technology AV solutions minimally invasive surgery can be demonstrated to large numbers of consultants in a live operating theatre/lecture theatre link up. Enabling surgeons to operate and comment while fielding questions from their piers in the lecture theatre. These types of events not only provide modern teaching facilities but facilitate the development of teaching material for local and distance learning situations at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.
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