The advent of technology in recent years into the office, retail and education space has meant that increasingly the audio-visual component has to be considered and integrated from the very beginning of a project. It is no longer good practice, pragmatic or even possible sometimes to shoehorn in the audio-visual component retro-actively.

Consultancy Scotia UK plcScotia UK plc has a great deal of experience of working successfully and integrating with the entire design team on a new build project. Such is the complexity of a fully integrated system and the almost infinite variables therein that the specialist knowledge Scotia UK plc can provide is invaluable and more importantly can long term be of enormous benefit and saving to the client.

Demonstrating sensitivity and understanding around the idiosyncrasies and demands of each individual project is paramount to a successful collaboration. An exchange of information, ideas and knowledge from all concerned only comes about with experience of working with and managing projects of all conceivable shapes and sizes. Scotia UK plc has over 50 years of experience in dealing with every imaginable scenario. Working with Scotia UK plc will ensure :

AV Consultancy• Your own audio-visual specialist on call

• Unparalleled experience offers comprehensive
knowledge at your disposal

• Our own team of engineers

• Wide variety of skills and experience within the team

Scotia UK plc Consultancy

Scotia UK plc working as your consultant will ensure that you avoid all of the pitfalls, obvious and not so obvious that can undermine a successful installation. Only years of experience and hands on knowledge of the latest technology can advise, anticipate and guide you away from costly mistakes. We aim to design and install for a you a successful installation that is used, maintained and meets all of your requirements.

Turning ideas and concepts into reality is what Scotia UK plc does that's why, for every project we appoint one of our own consultants to manage the whole installation process. They will ensure a seamless delivery of technology from inception to completion that will make a real difference to your business.

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