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Audio visual equipment whether deployed in the classroom, the boardroom or the office is usually a considered investment. It is always in our clients best interests regardless of sector or scale involved to get the most out of that investment. The key to achieving this goal is training.

Scotia UK plc do not see training as a simple repetitive learning process for the user but as a far more interactive process. It is a two way conversation to discover exactly what it is the client wants to achieve with their new equipment and how best we can achieve this together.

Training is all about finding out what best suits the clients needs :

Scotia Uk Plc AV Installers• Client Expectations

• Existing Skills

• Frequency of Use

• User Capabilities

• User Confidence

Our Business Consultants can arrange flexible training plans to suit whether it is for an existing, brand new, piece of software or equipment. Training can be bespoke to the user and can be dependant on existing skills, confidence with the technology and frequency of use.

All of our products are all about communication at one level or another whether that be visual information or actual communication such as video conferencing. That is why we are conscience that in order for the training to be effective it has to equally interactive and engaging, it has to communicate to the user the exact nature of the function and explain concisely how it works allow you the customer to :

Scotia UK plc Training• Get a Valuable Return on Investment

• Save Time, Money and Energy

• Achieve New Goals

• Take Your Business Forward

• Grow Your Own Skills

Whatever the equipment, whatever the sector or scenario Scotia UK plc are here to help you make the most of your investment. We have a strong believe in making sure that the client is both comfortable and proficient with their installation before we leave. Under no circumstances will we leave you at the mercy of indecision or confusion, you will be confident, ready and able to use your new equipment.

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