Typical Boardrrom
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The boardroom is an executive conference room designed typically as the meeting place for the board of directors of a corporation or partnership. Typically it is more sumptuous than a standard conference room; and given that only matters of the highest importance are regarded as boardroom matters the environment chosen needs to be given special consideration to ensure that it functions effectively and efficiently with a pleasant ambiance that reflects the ethos and style of the organisation.

Scotia UK have designed and installed numerous types of boardroom environments of all shapes and sizes and can offer a comprehensive consultancy solution. Typically when designing out these areas there needs to be careful thought given to a number of key elements: effective sound, good lighting, efficient presentation solutions with in-built flexibility as well as a vital consideration of whether adaptable furniture and comfortable seating has been chosen.

Our list of client boardroom solutions speaks for itself - we have the knowledge if you have the need so why not allow us to create a sumptuous boardroom you can be proud of.
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