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Presentation Rooms
It could be your existing boardroom, with furniture that has been in the organisation for generations. It could be a purpose-built 'blank canvas' awaiting its first fit-out. Or it could be a well-used training room that needs the inspirational touch of modern technology. Whatever room you have, Scotia UK can turn it into a dynamic, exciting presentation suite.

We can specify one or two pieces of new technology, integrating them with your existing systems and room design. Or we can create a whole new multimedia blueprint, bristling with the latest visual technology. In every case - on every project - our philosophy is simple: technology should be user-friendly and unobtrusive. As exciting as the technology is, the audience's attention should always focus on the message you need to communicate.

Our turnkey 'packaged solutions' require a minimal amount of user involvement and are usually ready to deploy with few adjustments.
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